You and Your Organization May Benefit in Many Ways:

Counseling w Experiential Workshops w Seminars w Consulting 


w    What Nobody Ever Told You About Advance Directives 

Most of us (about 80%) will die a "managed death."  70 to 80% of the time your wishes will not be honored. 

I'll show you how to make sure they ARE honored!

w    Someone You Love is Dying

 w    How a Funeral Alliance Works


w    The Spirituality of Death and Dying
w    Caring for the Caregiver
w    Living with Loss  (Bereavement and Mourning -- what to expect, what not to expect.)
w    Hospice Inside and Out  (Too few people use hospice and much later than they could have -- too little too late.)
w    The Benefits (or Positive Aspects) of Death -- Death is Life's Gift
w    Top Notch Palliative Care
w    What is a Good Death?
w    What Constitutes a Great Bereavement Support Group?
w    How to Build the Best Hospice Volunteer Program -- Including Vigiling 
w    Death as a Natural Part of Life
w  The Last Civil Right:  Our Right to Die 
w    Individual or Group Counseling  (Depending upon the nature of the loss.)
w    Jest Death:  The Healing Role of Humor 
"Life no more ceases to be humorous in the face of death
than it ceases to be serious in the face of laughter."
(Sometimes it helps to look at the lighter side with such a "heavy" subject.) 

John Presenting "Jest Death"
Jest Death

Groups Served:

Private Individuals, Schools, Nurses, Physicians

Police, Nursing Home and Assisted Living Staff,

Hospices, Hospitals, Home Health Aids, EMTs,

Social Workers, Grief Groups, Churches, 

Universities and Counselors. 


Materials and handouts are customized to your organization's needs. 


w    Academic Topics Include: 

Philosophies & Meanings of Death

Anthropological Views 

Cross-Cultural Perspectives 

Death & Religion

Death in Music & Art

Legal Perspectives

Literature: Prose & Poetry 

The Dying Process

Caring For the Dying

Immortality & After Death

One's Own Death

Financial Aspects